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Long-term success and sustainability of any Business Venture dictates that the investors or sponsors must have carried out their due diligence with a view to determine whether or not the Venture is Economically, Socially and Environmentally Viable. This is true for Projects of all types whether they are for profit or not for profit in nature.

Pinnacle Projects Ltd is also in the business of appraising the Viability of Building and Construction Projects among other Projects & Finance Management undertakings. Before any conclusive recommendation is communicated to the client, the feasibility study looks at four main imperatives namely Structural Feasibility, Market Viability, Operational Efficiency and Financial Profitability.

The following are the four imperatives under the terms of reference that the Pinnacle Projects Ltd follows in carrying out various Feasibility Studies:

Structural Feasibility

In investigating the Structural Feasibility of the Development, the Advisor will at a minimum consider, but will not be limited, to the following:

  1. The geological and topography of the locale of the Development;
  2. The dimensions, materials, frames, fittings, reinforcements, landscaping, amenities, design and style of the Development;
  3. The Technology and skills to be input into the construction of the Development; and
  4. The overall development cost, and the causes and impact of potential cost escalations such as architectural and engineering difficulties, materials sourcing problems, project delays, foreign exchange fluctuations among others.

In doing so, the Advisor will engage the services of architects, surveyors, engineers, designers, and other specialist consultants, to produce architectural drawings, physical models, artistic impressions, bills of quantities or other professional evaluations of the Development.